Month: February 2021


How Leadership Has Changed Through Time

In the past, leaders are autocratic figures who go down from their lofty offices upstairs to mingle with their employees from time to time. They give orders and expect these orders to be fulfilled without hearing so much as a sound from their subordinates. All decisions come from them. They give their employees orders without

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an SUV going under the milky way
Cars & Motorcycles

Top Subaru SUVs to Drive Off-Roads

When it comes to off-roading, motorists don’t often think of a Subaru. But while most Subaru owners don’t take their SUVs off-roading, the Japanese automaker draws in a unique niche in the market that loves to challenge their Subaru. And they have proven that its SUVs are just as good as a Jeep. Considering the

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van on the road
Cars & Motorcycles

Converting Vans into Tiny Homes: Do It Yourself or Ask For Help?

Everyone is finding creative ways to live in different states in the US. Some people buy affordable homes in states with low property values, while some are buying old homes to renovate. All of these are viable ways to purchase a residential home. However, some have chosen to live in their personal vehicles, such as

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