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3 Ways to Tell If You Need To Stop Your Caravan

Do you want to tour New Zealand in style? Then travelling with a caravan is the best way to go about it. But if you opt for this method of travel, prepare yourself for the unexpected. Even though stopping at every point where you encounter people may not be part of your plan, you may have to.

Here is how to tell whether you need to stop and get help or continue to the next stopping point:

1. Your caravan has been through a storm

Mother Nature can be unpredictable and unforgiving. Don’t be surprised when you are forced to deal with an unexpected storm. You may even have to deal with flash flooding in an area that has not experienced any storm.

No matter how good your motorhome looks on the outside, after a major storm, you may need caravan repairs. NZ, luckily, has its fair share of motorhome mechanics. Once you reach civilisation, have your caravan looked over. Don’t assume that everything is all right just by taking a look at your caravan. What you don’t see may be worse than you think.

A reputable mechanic is in a better position to determine if there are automotive issues that may prove to be problematic in the near future. It would be wise for you to have those issues looked into and fixed instead of travelling further along your chosen route only to experience mechanical damage far away from civilisation.

And even if you have not encountered a storm, still consider having your motorhome checked especially if it has been a while since you serviced your vehicle. It is better to be safe than sorry.

2. You feel unwell

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If you feel unwell, it’s always a good idea to stop where there are people that can help you. Do not ignore those warning signs that your body is giving you. While the human body has the ability to fight off infections given enough time, sometimes seeing a doctor is the best thing. You could be ignoring a medical problem that is much bigger than you think.

And what would happen to you if you end up feeling sicker while you are on the road far away from civilisation? Who will help you in such a remote location? Don’t take chances with your life. It is better to err on the side of caution. Have yourself checked over if you feel unwell. You may get delayed in reaching your destination, but you will be well enough to enjoy it.

3. The feel of your vehicle makes you feel uncomfortable

You may be tempted to ignore what you see on your fuel gauge because you love to take risks, but don’t do it. If the amount of fuel that you have remaining makes you uncomfortable, when you stop, have your car refuelled.

Also, pay close attention to how your car performs. If you feel there is an issue with your tyre or brakes, have them looked over. Don’t postpone it. Your instinct could be warning you. And by no means should you postpone having your punctured tyre from being fixed after you use your spare one. Should you get a second puncture, you will be in serious trouble.


Don’t let the possibility of encountering the unexpected scare you from travelling the length and breadth of New Zealand with your caravan. By learning to determine whether you need medical help or your caravan needs to be checked out, you can prevent major problems on the road. And that will help you enjoy your travels.

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