How to Get Your Life Started as a Liveaboard

The past year has disrupted most of our lives. We lost loved ones to this deadly pandemic and many businesses have shut their doors forever. It has been so disconcerting that many city-dwellers are moving to the provinces and suburbs. Some are even thinking about going to the sea and living on a yacht. And why not? The solitude and peace that the sea brings are the kind of comfort that we are now craving for.

But living aboard a boat is easier said than done. You might think it’s the kind of Bohemian lifestyle that you can easily get accustomed to. It is not. Rather, it is a lot of responsibility because you have to take care of the boat—from cleaning to fixing the various other problems you may encounter.

Living in a boat is a bit like living in a house, too. There are rooms to clean, plumbing to fix, and rent to pay. The only difference is you can remove the anchor anytime and move to a different city. Provided, of course, that you can afford the lifestyle in your new destination.

Settle Your Current Life First

You can’t just pack up your bags and go live on a boat. You have to plan for everything—what boat to buy, whether to sell your house or not, or rent a storage space for your things. One of the major things you need to decide on is to rent out or sell your current home or apartment. You can use that money to buy a new boat, which is going to be your new abode.

And how about your car? Should you send it to where you plan to go? If you’re eyeing to set your sails to the other coast, you can call an auto shipping company and have your car haul there. You need to consider what to do with your current life—from your relationships to your jobs. Are you just going to leave everything behind? Or, do you plan to spend your time between your home and boat?

Buy a Brand-new Boat


A lot of liveaboards are tempted to buy a fixer-upper. You think these boats just need “a little work,” but it might be more than that. Remember that you’re most probably going to sail on this boat and leave the dock behind. How are you going to be comfortable sailing in it if there are “issues”? Boats tend to get more expensive to maintain as time goes, so it’s important to invest your money into one that has all the correct functions for the lifestyle you want.

Get Something Small

When people think about living on board a boat, they get the biggest one that their money can afford. While that’s okay if you have a crew to man the boat, that’s impractical if you’re going to be the only one to steer, clean, maintain, and manage it. Get the size of a boat that you can easily manage. Smaller boats are also cheaper, so renting a space in the marina is more affordable, too. Remember that a few extra feet of space wouldn’t matter if you have to spend hundreds of dollars on it.

Take a Crash Course in Sailing

So, you may just want to live on a boat but not sail it? No matter how you feel about sailing right now, you’ll probably be curious enough that you’ll want to try it anyway. Take a few crash courses about sailing. Or, at the very least, go on a sail with an expert. This way, you will learn hands-on from people who know what they are doing. It’s the same thing when you have to live in the city from the suburbs, or vice-versa. Or, for example, when you plan to live in a recreational vehicle. You need to learn a few basic things first.

Make Room Only for the Essentials

Living in a boat means you have to simplify your lifestyle. You only have room for the essentials. That’s why you need to think about renting storage space on land. There, you can keep all the things that will not fit in the boat. Even the sentimental stuff—old high school jerseys and photographs—are safer there.

Life as a liveaboard is no joke. There are a lot of conveniences and things that you have to let go of. However, the peace and serenity you can get from living in a boat are like no other. While you can dock yourself in a marina, you can also set sail to anywhere your passport can take you.

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