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Top Five Arizona Adventures from Phoenix

As one of the biggest states in the country, Arizona boasts of endless sights for both tourists and locals to discover. Phoenix alone has plenty of man-made and natural attractions to spare. But if you’re looking to go beyond the capital city, this is the right place for you. Check out these three captivating destinations for an unforgettable Arizonian adventure:

Off-roading in Sycamore Creek

If you’re among the many people who own lifted trucks in Phoenix, go off the beaten track and head to Sycamore Creek. Maximize your vehicle’s handling of various terrain features and superior visibility with off-roading. This way, you’ll get to see a new side of Arizona’s natural wonders away from the usual.

On your trip, you’ll discover Sycamore Creek’s diverse panorama, from dry, ruby land to its namesake creek. The area is ideal for beginners because of its strategic location and various trails. Before your trip, do precautionary safety checks. See if you have the correct tire, observe the weather, and ensure that your brakes are working. Make sure that you have a first aid kit and a fully charged phone with you in case of emergencies.

Grand Canyon

Camping in the Grand Canyon

No visit to Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, is complete without a visit to its crown jewel. If you’re a local, you’ve probably already seen its famed rock formations. There are various tours that will let you explore the UNESCO World Heritage site by land, water, and air. But for a truly immersive experience, you have to spend the night.

Depending on the area you’ve chosen, you may need to apply for a permit beforehand. Start early so that you get ahead of other campers and pick a good spot. You can hike and explore the vast park before settling in to see the sunset. Get fantastic photos during golden hour with the scarlet-hued rocks as the backdrop. Then, during the night, enjoy the view of the stars without the distracting lights in the city.

Water Activities at Lake Powell

If you’re sick of the dry desert, why not take a trip to Lake Powell? Located in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, the reservoir offers countless activities and sublime scenery. The place is perfect for the entire family. For kids, you can go fishing or boating and entertain them with the park’s vibrant vistas. Teens will like the easy hikes to famed sights such as Horseshoe Bend, where they can take Instagram-worthy pictures. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you can enjoy waterboarding or tubing.

Since the park is a long way from Phoenix, make the most of your time and stay a day or two. The area has a lot of campgrounds to choose from, or you can stay at a nearby hotel.

Arizona is among America’s most picturesque states. The best way to appreciate its many natural wonders is to experience it firsthand. Take advantage of holidays and vacation days to soak in its finest sights. Treat your family to a fun educational trip to get to know the Grand Canyon State beyond its capital city.

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