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4 Most Unusual Things to Pack During Moving Day

There are a lot of things for you to pack ahead of moving day, and some of them will give you a challenging time. You have to determine these unusual items if you want to avoid the stress of packing. Consider the strategies below on how to pack these four unusual belongings for your convenience:


It can be challenging to think of a strategy for your aquarium. Its fragile glass is already a handful. You will also find it difficult to move freshwater and aquatic objects.

Moving and keeping living creatures alive will be your most problematic task. The proper method for storing an aquarium and its content will depend on the distance to your new home. You might be able to make it using big buckets. If you want to avoid spills, consider adding a plastic wrap on top of them. You will have to give food to your fishes, especially if you are going to take a long drive. You might even have an aquarium tank that you cannot break apart, which is why you should dedicate a lot of fragile package materials to it. You must also avoid putting things on top of the aquarium.


Most of the items you will have trouble packing are often big, have an irregular shape, and do not require assembling. A piano, unfortunately, has all these features. It is also a delicate object because of its cords, which means that you should avoid stacking belongings on top of it. You will likely need to dedicate a whole moving truck for the piano, along with a few small items. Most homeowners choose to leave it behind because it is heavy and nearly impossible to fit through an average door. If you have no space for a piano in your new home, consider letting it sit as a gift for the new occupants. If you are determined to keep it, you need to coordinate with the movers on a strategy.


You might think that the car is the least of your worries when it comes to moving day. You might even consider using your vehicle as an additional mode of transportation and storage. However, you might be crossing states and driving long hours. Your car might not survive the trip, especially if it already has existing maintenance issues. Consider your banged-up vehicle as an item to pack for the trip, which is why you should consider hiring a company that provides car transport services in California.

Built-In Safes

Safe box with electronic lock

For sure you have a lot of important things inside your built-in safe. This durable item is heavy because of its steel materials, which might make it difficult to pack. However, you will find that most built-in safes are costly. If you do not want to buy another one for your new home, consider coordinating with your movers. You might also have to hire professionals to help you retrieve the built-in safe from your old house.

There are a lot of tasks to do during moving day. However, you need to prioritize your strategies for these unusual items to avoid any headaches during the important event.

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