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Doing the Small Things Right for a Wedding

A wedding should be special, certainly one of the most special days in your life. It marks a rite of passage that has been part of human civilization for at least hundreds or, in some forms, thousands of years. Although the institution of marriage has been under attack in recent decades and people are marrying much later in life, many people still want to tie the knot.

Hire Fantastic Transport

A special day needs special transportation. Turning up at the church, government building, or reception in an OK car is just OK. It won’t make you feel special or draw admiration from a crowd. This is one of the few times in your life where everyone will be waiting for you.

Even if you’re not overly concerned about making a grand entrance, hiring a luxury wedding car will change your perception of the day. It will increase the sense of how important this event is. You’re not taking the bus to a mate’s house; you’re going to be officially bonded with the person you love, hopefully for life. Luxury cars, such as Rolls-Royce and Bentley, have all the hallmarks of what you’d want your marriage to be. They carry aspirations to a better life financially. They are beautifully designed with the utmost care taken to craft and build them, and they belong to a long tradition of excellence.

You can use these cars to transport as many of your guests as you can, too. They’ll love the special treatment, and instead of being passive when they come to the event, they’ll step out feeling they’re at the Oscars. Everybody gets a lift.

Get the Lighting Right

As we’ve said, a wedding day is about creating a special occasion. The right lighting will transform a big hall into a luxurious but warm are. It can turn a dark garden into something magical. The right lighting will create a world that removes you from your current normality to one which is magical and joyful. If marriage is partly about building beautiful memories, then get off to a great start by transforming your venue into something that you’ll remember for years to come.

Get the Music Right


Ceremonies that lack music are somber or officious at best. Nobody would consider a celebration such as a wedding without having some music. But what kind of music should you play at a wedding?

This is tricky, as it really depends so much on subjective preferences. If you both have a love for a particular kind of music such as classical music and share this passion with friends, then it’s a good bet that classical music should play a part of the festivities. If the music genre is death metal, then why not. But, of course, you might not want this to be the predominant music played throughout the reception, as you don’t want to alienate other guests who don’t share the same passion.

Whatever is played on the day, make sure that there’s a little bit for everyone to enjoy so that everyone can join in the spirit of the wedding. Remember to add something the older generations will know and like. Although marriage is something predominantly for the young, it is a community of family and friends that you celebrate this day with. The oldies will appreciate that you’ve thought about them, too.

There are a hundred other details to get right during a wedding, and sometimes it does seem more of a hassle than a joy. But they are necessary preparations to transition into a new chapter of your life. Take the time to plan well and make sure that the small details are right.

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