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Garage Activities You Can Do with Your Kids

Working at the garage is never boring for gear heads. These are people who can spend the whole afternoon tinkering with all kinds of stuff if they are not busy with their cars or bikes. They are the ones who frantically order motorcycle batteries online when they found out that they are almost out of juice. The good thing about this is they have a passion for understanding the inner workings of vehicles. This is a trait that is valuable because they do not need to hire a mechanic if they can fix the problems themselves.

Spending time with your wheeled machines will make you learn a little about mechanical engineering. With this educational aspect, it would be nice to have your kids involved when you see a hint of interest in them. So go ahead and invite them to your small nook and start working on some garage activities.


Make a Splash

Cars are always out on the road, so naturally, it would not last a few days of being squeaky clean. If you have noticed the thickening of dust all over its exterior, it is time to start the cleaning process. This is not your usual approach where you only use soap and water. You want to keep your paint coat as shiny as it was on its first day. So aside from splashing it with that bubbly combination, you have to finish it up by applying wax to the whole body. This will be a protective coating that can make your car look vivid and shiny.

You can set time on weekends to have your kids help out with rinsing and soaping parts of the car that they can easily reach. Reserve the waxing as a job for you since that is a more involved activity that would need your full attention.

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Uncluttering the Garage

The garage tends to be the place where some things are dumped. Before you know it, the area will look like you have turned it into a storage room. Once in a while, you must leave your car out and do some uncluttering. You do not want stuff languishing in there because that will attract unwanted animals or pests. Besides, you may have things there that are still useful.

The children would have fun going through all the stuff you have in there. It will be like a treasure hunt for them, because they may find something that will catch their fancy. They will also enjoy playing around the large empty space once you have completed this chore.


Simple Maintenance Work

When you get your nose under the hood of your car, you know that there is something serious going on there. You could be inspecting the condition of the engine, scanning how it looks, and checking for flaws and damages. Or you could also just be doing some minor repairs or replacing some parts. Either way, there are some good lessons to be had there. If you have a kid who is old enough to handle or learn about getting down to the nitty-gritty of engine work, this would be a good time to show them exactly that.

The things that you do in your garage don’t have to be tackled by you alone. Getting your kids involved would be a good way for them to get acquainted with the concept of helping to contribute to the house chores. But it is important that they also have fun doing this, so do not be too imposing on them. So enjoy what you are doing and consider this as a great way to bond with your children.

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