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Holden Shutdown: What Does It Mean for Existing and Future Holden Owners

Just recently, Holden confirmed that it will stop its operations in New Zealand and Australia. This could mean little to people who do not own a Holden car or do not have plans of getting one in the future. However, those who do would naturally have a number of questions in mind. If you are a current owner or looking at Holden cars for sale, read on and you might just get some of your questions answered here.

Discontinuation of Holden’s Operations

Just because Holden announced that they will stop operations in NZ and Australia doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be gone abruptly. The company will officially leave by 2021, with most of the employees to be let go halfway through 2020. This is because the company decided to continue selling the cars they have on stock until the last units are gone.

On Refunds and Service

For current owners of Holden cars who might be wondering if they can get a refund for their recently purchased vehicle, the simple answer is no. Any auto deal or financing agreement you have will still stand.

Moreover, Holden car owners can still get official Holden service at least 10 years more. So, you won’t have to worry about finding authorised Holden service for about a decade. After said period, owners can already turn to third-party service providers. Furthermore, if your deal comes with free service for a certain period, you can still get that. The same also goes for other value-add services that came with the purchase of the vehicle.

On Warranty and Recalls

Just like with service agreements, Holden will continue honouring warranties. So, if you just bought a brand new Holden car, you can still continue to expect coverage for it within the warranty period specified in your purchase agreement.

Meanwhile, if safety and recall issues come up, Holden will also honour them. You can rely on their response and assistance if your vehicle becomes subject to a recall issue.

Buying a car

Buying a Holden After Closure

Because of the announcement, dealers may work harder to clear their stock of Holden vehicles. It’s inevitable that buyers will be sceptic about buying discontinued models. This is why it’s important for people looking to buy a new car soon know that support and service for Holden vehicles will not abruptly stop.

If you’ve grown to love Holden and you’ve been hoping to get one, then indulging yourself won’t be so bad. Remember that although Holden will now transition to closing their physical showrooms and offices, they won’t do so instantly. Furthermore, General Motors, Holden’s parent company, ensures that products under the brand Holden will continue to be supported by the parent company.

To make this possible, the company has said that around 200 Holden staff will keep their jobs to provide after-sales care to Holden car owners. This move will ensure that the 10-year commitment is maintained. Holden also adheres to the industry standard of providing crucial parts for their vehicles for at least a 10-year period.

A Holden Car Is Best for Those Planning to Keep It a While

Indeed, Holden cars are of good quality. However, it’s unavoidable that their resale value will take a hit. So, if you’re buying a Holden now, you can make the most of it if you plan to keep it for a while.

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