How an Auto Loan Soft Pull Can Help You Today

There are many benefits of an auto loan soft pull. As shown in the video, such a loan will not hurt your credit score and may get approved faster than other loan types. Here’s how they can help you:

1. They Involve a Fast, Non-Intrusive Processing

Soft loans are the best option when you cannot wait to buy a car. They only require a customer’s basic information, which can be drawn from your driver’s license.

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This speeds up the whole process and, even better, doesn’t hurt your credit report.

2. Gives Car Dealers Valuable Information

You may want to know more about your customer if you are a car dealer. A soft loan makes this possible by providing their FICO score information and soft loan history. So, you can gauge your client and their ability to repay the loan.

3. They Create Better Opportunities

An auto loan soft pull helps you improve your car business. You simply identify upselling opportunities, scan your customer’s driver’s license, and upsell them on qualified deals.

4. They Are Designed to Favor the Borrower

Auto loan soft pulls are popular and customized to suit any type of car buyer. Unlike previously, such loans don’t have to involve big car deals. Besides, they are now more accessible and more streamlined to make the application as short as possible.


Whether you’re a car dealer or a customer, an auto loan soft pull comes with a double share. They speed up the buying process, don’t affect your credit report, and help seal better deals with your clients.


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