How Businesses Package EV Batteries

Electronic vehicles require the use of lithium-ion batteries. These are referred to as EV batteries. Specialized packaging is needed in order to ship these batteries to places that will sell them to people who have electric cars.

EV battery packaging must be made in a special way, so it will safely transport the batteries. The packaging for transporting EV batteries is made by a process called thermoform.

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This process produces either single-sheet plastic or twin-sheet plastic.

Both thermoform methods produce strong, safe packages to transport EV batteries. The shipping process for these batteries must ensure that the batteries are safely enclosed and are not excessively jostled. By preventing the jostling of the batteries, the companies shipping them are minimizing their risk of a short circuit. The material on the outside of the transport container must be non-conductive.

EV batteries have three parts. The smallest parts of the battery are called the cells. Cells are very fragile. Groups of battery cells are enclosed in modules. The modules are then safely enclosed in a mechanical enclosure, which is the visible outer shell of the battery. It may interest you to know that packages used for transport of EV batteries are typically made of steel, but they can also be made from custom materials.


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