How to Easily Complete a Car Window Replacement

In this video about replacing broken side glass in trucks or cars and car window replacement, the narrator takes you through each step of the process. They start by showing how to remove the trim, handle, inner door, and air barrier to get access to the broken glass safely. And you know what’s cool? They stress the importance of being careful when dealing with tempered glass.

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Safety first, right?

Once the broken glass is exposed, they demonstrate how to use a ratchet to remove it and advise vacuuming up any scattered glass inside the vehicle. Then comes the interesting part—they talk about finding a cost-effective replacement glass from a junkyard and guide you through the installation process.

They emphasized proper fitting of the glass into the front and rear tracks before securing it with bolts. They also share their experience of getting a used piece from a junkyard for their car, saving them some cash.

Towards the end, they wrap things up by reassembling the door components, testing the window, and securing the trim piece. They seem pretty satisfied with how everything turns out, mentioning it took less time and money than they thought.

Overall, it’s like having a friend explain how to replace broken side glass in your vehicle—informative and straightforward, with useful tips.

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