Plan Your Weekend Getaway with Friends Using This Guide

No matter if you have a special occasion to celebrate or just want to have a complete R&R, going on a fun weekend getaway with friends is never a bad choice. It’s a perfect opportunity to create priceless memories as you learn more about each other and experience things you don’t normally do.

Traveling with friends is also an amazing chance to forge stronger connections as you share unique and incredible moments. And practically speaking, going on a trip as a group can be a lot safer and more affordable compared to traveling alone. Check out these practical tips on how to have the best weekend getaway with your friends.

Decide what kind of trip to take

First things first, your group should decide what kind of weekend getaway are you planning to have. You can reconnect with nature by going on a camping trip and sleep under the blanket of stars and eat some perfectly roast marshmallows. You can go on a simple yet fun road trip, enjoy scene byways, and go wherever the wind blows you.

If you’re opting for a bit luxurious trip or celebrating a special milestone, why not rent a boat for a more memorable getaway? If you want to go the traditional holiday path, a trip to a white sand beach is the best option for you. You can enjoy delicious drinks and seafood in a tropical paradise.

Be flexible in picking a destination


Picking a destination is surely the most exciting part of planning the weekend getaway. But it’s important to keep your mind open when doing so. After all, ending up at unexpected places can make your short trip more memorable. Nearby locations are ideal for weekend trips, especially if your group is traveling on a budget too. Surely, you don’t want to rush catching a flight after a workweek, right?

In case you decide to take a trip outside your hometown, find cheaper flights and accommodation deals to save money. You’d also want to involve everyone in choosing the best place to have your mini-vacation. If you’re lucky, you’d end up wanting to visit the same destination.

Agree on the budget as a group

If the destination planning is the exciting part, the budgeting is most definitely the not-so-fun part. This can be tricky and hard since most people have different financial situations or ideas about how much they want to spend when going on a vacation. To make the decisions easier and eliminate surprises, set a maximum budget for the top essentials like transportation and accommodation.

You can have a shared pot of money that your entire group can use to buy food and drinks, and pay for other miscellaneous things. This way, you won’t have to split bills during the trip or while you’re on the road. So, start saving for it now.

Have one or two leaders

Appoint a group leader might be a bit cliché but it’s actually a practical move. Realistically, it’s more challenging to organize a group vacation if there’s not one or two people making the final decision or arrange your bookings and activities. Depending on the size of your group, you can appoint one to two persons to split responsibilities.

You can have one leader who will organize the things and activities you and your friends will do, while the other can handle your budget and food.  Having leaders in your group doesn’t mean they’ll make the decisions by themselves. Everyone should still agree on the final choices.

Set expectations from the start

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Setting expectations for the entire trip with your travel buddies can make all the difference. Consider things such as personality, budget, and interest, and see where you can meet despite the differences. For instance, if you have friends who love nature hikes and extreme adventures but some of you don’t, not everyone will not obviously enjoy the trip.

If you’re lucky enough, that everyone in your group is independent and cool with doing separate activities or splitting up, then you don’t have to worry much about planning. Have an honest discussion with friends to better decide how to execute your trip. Who are the early birds and the night owls? Who wants to take things slower and who prefers quick sightseeing? Do want to occasionally take split trips or spend all your time as a group?

Having travel buddies can be one of the most amazing things you could ever experience. You have people to share the beautiful scenery and destinations, the amazing local food, the fun, and daring activities, and so much more. Make your getaway planning easier by taking notes of our tips here.

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