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Travel Trailer: Your Road Trip Companion

The wind on your face, the loud music on the stereos, and the idea of just hitting the road spontaneously are some of the things we all miss doing. Though traveling is still limited nowadays because of the threat of the coronavirus, it is never too early to plan your next road trip. If you are the type of person who pays attention to comfort, then a travel trailer is the best option for you. You get to see places while bringing the same comfort you have at home along with you.

What is a Travel Trailer?

Unlike motorized recreational vehicles or RVs that have their own engine and can be driven independently, travel trailers are compact homes that you can move around by towing them using your personal vehicle. They used to be called ‘bumper pulls’ and first became popular during the early ’50s. Some of its benefits include affordability and an easy-set-up feature. Another selling point of travel trailers is that you can unhitch them once you arrive at your camping site and still use your vehicle to move around. They also have locking doors and solid walls for security purposes.

Types of Travel Trailers

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Travel trailers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The average size usually ranges from approximately 13 to 40 feet and can fit up to 10 people. There is also a smaller variety which is 12 feet in size and can provide a comfortable space for at least two people. To delve deeper, here are some of the most common types of travel trailers that you’ll see on the market:

  • Classic Travel Trailer – classic travel trailers are usually the type that includes the most luxurious and largest models. Though they can be towed by any car that has a towing capability, these types of trailers usually need heavy-duty trucks.
  • Toy Haulers – these types are designed specifically to carry huge amounts of cargo and camping equipment. These four-wheelers are also ideal for carrying jet skis and UTVs. Because they are often used to carry big equipment, toy haulers usually have the same size as classic trailers.
  • Teardrop Trailers – these so-called miniature travel trailers are the most convenient type and can be towed by practically any type of vehicle. Most of these trailers weigh not more than 1,000 lbs, making them compact, easy to park and store in your garage when not in use. Teardrop trailers also have meal prep and cooking stations and beds that can fit up to two or three people.
  • Stand-Up Trailers – these types of trailers are almost the same as the teardrop trailers. Its main feature is the design tall enough for people to stand up comfortably. Stand-up trailers also have relaxation and dining areas that can be converted to beds when needed.
  • Pop-Up Trailer – this type bridges the gap between RVs and tents. When outdoors, pop-up trailers often have sections that can be extended outward. These fold-outs are enclosed by a layer of weatherproofed fabric like canvas. There are two main types of pop-up trailers: soft-sided pop-up which has better airflow and canvas sides and the hard-sided pop-ups that have stiff sections and insulation against strong weather elements.

Ideal Vehicles for Travel Trailer

As mentioned above, almost all types of personal vehicles are ideal for towing travel trailers. You can use your existing family SUV or pick-up truck to avoid buying a new one. However, if you are planning to have a dedicated vehicle for your travel trailer, you can consider a new Nissan car for sale, such as the Nissan Rogue and Murano. These models are ideal for towing small trailers like the tear-drop, stand-up, and pop-up.

How Much are Travel Trailers?

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A new travel trailer will cost you somewhere between USD 11,000 and USD 35,000, depending on the size, features, and specifications. If you are looking into buying the average 24-feet travel trailer, you’re looking at a price point of at least USD 23,000. However, you can find cheaper travel trailers that range from USD 10,000 to USD 18,000.

Are Travel Trailers Convenient?

Of course, it would take you some time to get used to towing a trailer hitched to your car. Once you get used to it, you will soon find out that it is extremely convenient to travel with a trailer. One you do not have to compromise comfort while on a road trip especially if you have kids and second, you can easily detach it once you arrive at the campsite and use your vehicle for running errands.

There is certain peace and quiet brought by letting go of your worries when you’re on a road trip. You can easily leave your troubles behind and just focus on yourself and your loved ones. With travel trailers, you can enjoy the road without compromising comfort and style.

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