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Traveling on the Cheap: Three Ways to Save on Transportation Costs

For travelers looking to stretch their vacation budget, reducing transportation costs is always a priority. After all, transportation is one of the “big three” expenses that any traveler has to deal with, besides food and accommodation. Without a good hold on your travel budget, your travel expenses will increase dramatically.

With the wide selection of transport options, travelers often face the dilemma of finding out the most cost-effective option. They want to save more money as possible to enjoy other activities without straining their vacation money. The last thing they want is to waste money on transportation and miss out on seeing certain destinations.

Staycations are one of the budget-friendly ways to take the time off without any traveling involved. Others rent a boat for a BBQ party to enjoy quality time with the family and avoid the hassle of public transportation while enjoying breathtaking views.

Wherever you plan to travel, it’s important to know various money-saving tips for transportation while traveling. This will help you save money for other worthwhile activities and attractions instead of wasting it on the road. To get you started, here are ways to minimize transportation costs!

Use public transportation

Almost every travel guide will tell you that the easiest and cheapest way to get around a city is to use the public transportation system. Although renting a vehicle offers much comfort and freedom to go anywhere, this may not be a great option who travel on a budget.

Most travelers shy away from public transport systems because they find them intimidating and confusing. You have to take note of different schedules, routes, and stops before you can use the system effectively. Public transport is also often uncomfortable, cramped, and overcrowded, which makes traveling more difficult.

While public transport comes with its drawbacks, we cannot deny that it’s significantly cheaper than riding a taxi or renting a car. Understanding the system can be difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with the language of your destination. But a lot of travelers get through this by taking the time to research and ask locals about schedules and stops to prevent them from taking the wrong ride.

Public transport also allows you to do some sightseeing during the trip and explore places that aren’t on your itinerary. This will give you more opportunities to find better attractions that fit your budget.

Another technique is to try alternate transport, such as electric scooters, e-bikes, or whatever transport is available in your destination. These things often come with an application or a website where you can book the vehicle before your arrival. Rental services are becoming more popular to allow tourists to get more freedom and a better view of the place instead of staying in the car’s backseat.

Consider the location of your hotel

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Most important attractions are often spread out within a city, which may require travelers to switch to different public transport to reach their destination. This can be very tiring and confusing for most people, especially if point A is too far from point B.

Regardless of your destination, the hotel location is very important if you’re looking to cut back transport costs. Lodgings in outlying and isolated areas are great ways for travelers who want to unwind and stay in one place, but they’re not ideal if you plan to visit multiple places. One reason is you have to make regular trips for sightseeing, eating out, ATM withdrawals, and grocery shopping, and if these amenities are far from your accommodation, you’ll likely pay more for local transportation.

Booking a hotel near the places you plan to visit will cut down transport costs when traveling to target locations. Although it’s not possible to close all sights and attractions you want to visit, this will put you closer to your desired destinations. So if a certain attraction is too far from your itinerary, think about if going there is worth your budget.

Walk, walk, walk

Walking is the most practical way to save on transport costs since it’s not only free but also opens opportunities to enjoy attractions in better detail and at your own pace. This is very convenient for those who book their hotels near their destination. It also allows them to discover other interesting locations, restaurants, and shops along the way.

Travel map applications are your best friend if you plan to travel on foot. But make sure your phone has a full battery to avoid making stopovers for charging. If the map confuses you, don’t be afraid to ask for directions.

Although there are a lot of things to remember when saving money while traveling, these steps will help you make life-changing decisions on the road. Exploring different modes of transportation is a fun and creative way to change your traveling habits and discover important facts about a certain destination. The right traveling mode depends on the place you’re in, so your best bet is to research and mingle with the locals.

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