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Making Money Through Trucking Services

Most people often assume that since the age of technology and the internet is upon us, other business opportunities will soon die down because of e-commerce. However, that’s simply not true. Certain commodities would not be replaced by online shopping. In fact, some traditional businesses may even improve in this modern era.

That’s one of the many reasons why it’s a good idea to be involved in the automotive industry, especially trucking services. If you’re wondering how this is possible, be sure to finish this article.

Different Types of Trucking Services

Did you know that trucking services can reach revenue of up to $700 billion combined? This makes them one of the best industries to invest your money in. If you’re going to start a business in trucking services, you need to know the different options you have at your disposal.


One of the leading areas in trucking services is called door-to-door delivery. This is probably caused by the sudden growth of e-commerce over recent years. This type of trucking service aims to deliver goods straight from the manufacturer to the buyer. Door-to-door trucking service is often conducted by placing an order online. The trucking company would then pick the merchandise from the place of origin and bring it to the address indicated on the order details.


Not all manufacturers retail their products directly to the customers. That’s because this form of business is unstable, depending on the customer’s consumption behavior. That’s why some manufacturers sign a deal with businesses. This means that a company would be the one to order bulks of products from the manufacturer, and they would be the one to resell it. Because of this nature, business-to-business trucking services involve larger, heavier, and bigger shipments.

Specialized Equipment Services

Not all trucking services involve transferring small products in large quantities from point A to point B. Some shipments are smaller in numbers but larger in size. This includes boats, cars, generators, and even modular homes. Cargos of this size cannot be transported by regular trucks. That’s why one form of trucking service is called specialized equipment transport. This mainly focuses on heavy or large items that need to be moved.

Temperature Controlled

Another type of trucking service that’s worth mentioning is temperature-controlled transport. Some products are only valuable or usable when kept at a certain temperature. This becomes a problem for regular trucks as the time and environment of the haul may affect the quality of the product. That’s why there are trucks that include climate management systems. You can see some of them being used today as some COVID-19 vaccines need to be kept in a cold environment. Transporting these to different parts of the country means temperature-controlled trucks are necessary.

Best Truck Manufacturers to Choose From

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Now that you know the different types of trucking services you can choose from, you need to ensure that the quality of the trucks you use in your business is topnotch. Consider it as an investment because more companies would prefer your trucking company if you can provide better services. That being said, here are some of the best manufacturers you need to keep in mind when purchasing your truck fleet.


You’ve probably seen the brand Caterpillar before with their iconic CAT trademark at the front bumper. While they are mostly known for their enormous machinery used in construction, waste disposal, and other heavy-duty tasks, they have also branched out in creating trucks. With their expertise in diesel and gas engines, you can guarantee that trucks from this company are robust and durable. Furthermore, because of how popular they are, it’s rather easy to find aftermarket components for CAT vehicles or equipment if you ever need to replace them.


If you’ve never heard of Daimler before, perhaps the names Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi would ring a bell. This company is responsible for manufacturing trucks and automotive parts under these globally-known brands, making them of the largest producers of trucks internationally.

Navistar International Corporation

Another truck manufacturing company that has surely cemented its name in the industry is Navistar International Corporation. In fact, they’re part of the Fortune 500. While they supply hundreds of thousands of trucks to multiple businesses annually, it is their contribution to the development and production of military trucks that definitely made them noteworthy.

All of these facts about trucking services are just the tip of the iceberg. There are still lots to know about starting a business in this type of industry, but perhaps you can learn some of them once you’ve dipped your toe into the ocean. Nonetheless, knowing what your options are is a good place to start your successful journey.

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