Understanding the Importance of Car Wheel Alignment

When you’re driving your car, you may be able to detect whether the wheels of your car are aligned. In this YouTube video, the viewer learns about terms that are related to car wheel alignment. Some understanding of those terms will help you care for your car. The basic principle of alignment is the even spacing of all four wheels.

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The first term explained in the video is “camber.” Camber is the degree to which the tires lean toward the inside or outside; when they are at rest – and are viewed head-on. The next term is caster, which is the degree to which the tires tilt forward or toward the back when viewed from the side.

The third term is toe: which is the way that your tires point when seen from the top. Knowing the meanings of these terms may help you to visualize the wheels, as you drive, and to understand the car’s movements. When your car is driving down an uncurved street, there shouldn’t be a problem with alignment unless one of your wheels hits a rock.

However, when your car turns, the outside wheels will have more tension on the pavement. Your car needs tension in order for the car to turn smoothly. As the car straightens out after the turn, the wheels should regain an even tension.


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