Wedding Planning: Pointers for Soon-to-be Couples

So you’ve gotten engaged recently, and you’re excited to celebrate the wedding of your dreams in Baltimore. When planning for your big day, you must take charge of everything. While you might have advisors, don’t allow them to make the decisions for you. Let them guide you to nail down the ideal venue, the best wedding limo rental service, the right bridal dress, and other things on your list.

Set and spend your cash on your priorities.

Remember that it’s your day and you want to splash your money on things that matter to you. You don’t need to splurge on roses and Calla lilies if you’re a big fan of ranunculus. Rent a limo if having an ultra-special ride on your special day would make you feel satisfied. If you want a simple ceremony, don’t sign up for a fancy wedding just to impress your guests.

Your desire to please every one of them can turn your nuptial into a stressful affair. Orchestrating the perfect event for the sake of meeting other people’s expectations can put an emotional and financial strain on couples. Don’t stress about getting a pricey guest book, a beautiful invitation, a designer gown, elegant floral arrangements, or expensive table linens. Find options that fit your desire and budget.

Who gets invited?

Deciding who does and doesn’t get a wedding invite is one of the toughest parts of planning. While you don’t want to leave anyone out, your budget makes it impossible to invite everyone. Only invite the number of guests that you can comfortably afford. Draft the names of the people who must be invited to the wedding, such as the immediate family, close family members, and closest friends.

Follow the modern plus-one etiquette. Offer a plus-one to your guests who are married, living with a partner or in a long, serious relationship. If someone sent you a pre-wedding gift, you’re not required to return the favor by inviting the person to your wedding. When you choose to have an “adults only” wedding, stick to your policy. Allowing some families to bring their kids while excluding others will hurt feelings and trigger more drama.

Choosing your wedding entourage.

Most couples find it hard to pick the members of their wedding entourage because they are torn between following the tradition or their preference. Family members and friends might feel disappointed if they’re not chosen to be part of the entourage. If you want to minimize hurt feelings, you can give them other roles that they’ll like.

For instance, you can ask them to read a passage during the ceremony, sing a song, or oversee the guestbook. You should also remember that a wedding ceremony is not a reciprocal situation. You’re not obligated to include someone in your entourage just because you were a part of hers. When choosing the members of your entourage, pick the meaningful people in your life who are ready for the responsibility.

While not everything in your wedding can be perfect, you still get to marry the one you love and celebrate your separate lives becoming one.

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