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What to Look For in a Trusted Automotive Repair Shop

Trying to find a trusted automotive shop can be difficult, especially when you aren’t sure what they offer and what their experience looks like. As a vehicle owner, you want to establish a relationship with a shop that you can trust to take care of your car when you need service and know that it will be done right. What you don’t want to do is spend a lot of time having to seek out different shops for different services. Below are the different services and expectations you should have when you select the automotive shop that’s right for you.

They Offer Windshield Replacements

Any trusted automotive shop that’s worth its mission statement will be able to offer you windshield repair on your vehicle. Your windshield being chipped or cracked is a safety hazard that can be very dangerous, and you need to be able to have that fixed correctly if you need it. Windshield damage comes from rocks and debris coming up off the road and hitting your windshield at the right angle. This will cause the windshield to first chip, and if not fixed right away, it will lead to a large crack that can cause it to break and have the water leak into the car.

Even better, they should also be able to repair any windows that get damaged on your car and your rear window or backglass. Whether you have a large crack across your windshield or a small chip in your rear window, a good auto shop will know how to fix it. If the rear glass chips, it is also a safety concern that you need to be prepared for when driving, and could keep you from being able to see what’s behind you. A trusted automotive will be able to do these services and have them done on the same day so that you can get back out on the road.

They Can Fix Vehicle HVAC

Whether you have a new car or one that’s been gently used for a few years, you may find yourself in need of AC repair. The air conditioner in a lot of places is a requirement since driving without it can be very uncomfortable. Those who have long commutes and use their vehicle daily will need this service done and done so quickly. A trusted automotive shop will be able to properly repair that HVAC by going through the system to find the problem.

In most cases, the AC repair needs a new air compressor, because that will often go out once the vehicle gets up in mileage. They need to be able to replace it properly and recharge the entire system so that it blows cool air. Before they release the vehicle, they should make sure this works, and you should test it also. Make sure there is at least a 30-day warranty on this service, as it isn’t cheap and if it isn’t installed properly, it can break down again very quickly.

They Can Order and Install Specific Vehicle Parts

When you need car part repair, a trusted automotive shop will always opt for original engineered manufacturer (OEM) parts. If they aren’t able to locate these parts, or they have some aftermarket parts that they like, they should ask first if you’re okay with them using these parts. An automotive shop that doesn’t ask and just uses them is sketchy and something that you should be concerned about if they service your vehicle.

No matter what the car part is, there should always be an option given to you, so that you can do the research for yourself, or choose to go with the manufacturer’s part. Aftermarket parts aren’t designed by the manufacturer, and may not fit as they should when used. This allows room for error and leaks in your vehicle. This can cause you to have more damage in your vehicle over time.

They Offer Emergency Services

Any good trusted automotive shop will have room to work in emergency services for their clients. Sometimes, there are unexpected issues that happen, and if you’re a single-vehicle family, it could impact your income to not have your vehicle. These emergency services are extremely beneficial when they have the parts and labor available to do the service.

Emergency services will include things like collision repairs that happen due to an auto accident. These repairs that can be fixed in less than a day should be considered emergency and your auto shop will be willing to work with you. Keep in mind that they may have to work outside of normal business hours, and it could cost you additional.

They Can Fix a Wide Variety of Vehicles

A good way to know if you have a trusted automotive shop is if they are able to service a variety of vehicles. This means working with different manufacturers and types of vehicles. Not all vehicles are gas, and diesel services mean that they are well-versed in the auto industry.

Other services that show they’re trusted automotive services are offering semi-truck repairs. This means that the team working inside has a specialized skill set and can manage almost anything that comes into the shop. If you own a semi and need service, there isn’t a better way to do that than to have one trusted mechanic do all your work for you. Finding a semi-truck auto mechanic isn’t easy, and since there are many truckers spread out throughout the country, it’s important to find an auto shop that you can trust to do the work on all your vehicles, including semi-trucks that are used for your business.

They Offer Towing Services

You could have your vehicle broken down in public or at home where you can’t get it to the auto shop. In these cases, it’s great to have a trusted automotive shop that will come with a tow truck and pick your vehicle up. This means that they can add it to the bill when your vehicle is serviced. If you have to have another company tow your car, you’ll have two separate bills to pay for the auto service. By having the vehicle towed by the auto shop, it could be a discounted rate.

A great thing to keep in mind is that an auto shop that provides tow truck service to those who own their own tow trucks is a great idea. Those auto shops can manage a lot of different services and can take care of those needs as well as your own vehicles. This can help with managing your needs and building an established relationship.

They Provide Transportation Options While Your Vehicle Is Being Repaired

One of the best services that you can expect from a trusted automotive shop is offering car services and loaners when your vehicle is being repaired. Some of the best auto shops will partner with a rental car company so that you can easily get another car while yours is being serviced, especially for long-term services. These include recalls on vehicles or larger repairs in the transmission or engines.

Some car services they offer may be to have their own loaners, having a couple they keep on standby for customers to use when they need them. Some auto shops will offer this as a courtesy, especially if the delay in finishing the auto service is on their end and not yours. They can have loaner cars of all sizes, but if they aren’t charging you, or they’re giving you a discounted rate, you may just need to take what they have to get you through until your car is ready.

They Can Install Exterior Vehicle Protection

Protecting the exterior of your car is very important. This is why trusted automotive shops will offer car ceramic coating for the external paint on your car. This is vital to keep the paint from getting sun damage and damage from scratches. Too many cars experience sun damage from being parked out in the elements for long periods of time and getting direct exposure. This will cause your vehicle paint to crack and start to fade out. You’ll need a paint job before too long if you don’t take care of it.

Other types of exterior vehicle protection include wax services, sealants on the paint, and a clear bra for your car. You can have these done in the front of your vehicle, or the whole vehicle. Depending on what is most exposed to damage, you can do it in different shifts. It is best practice, however, to have at least one of these services done to your vehicle as soon as you get it so that you can protect the paint on your vehicle.

They Offer Regular Maintenance Services

Your auto body repair will sometimes experience dings and small dents along the body. This happens from being in public and other cars hitting your vehicle in public parking lots. A trusted automotive shop will offer dent repairs on your vehicle, and do it so that you don’t have to get a new paint job on your vehicle. They should have the tools available to pull out small dents, repairing them in just a matter of minutes.

Some dent repairs may need a little longer, based on how deep the dent is. A good auto mechanic will be able to even manage these, fixing the paint, and making your car look new when it’s done. If the dent is bending the frame to the point of getting a new piece, then you’ll want someone who can get a new door or bumper, and be able to paint it to match the vehicle.

They Run Diagnostic Tests Regularly

When you bring your vehicle in for a service, you want a trusted automotive shop to properly test the vehicle for any codes, especially if your check engine light is on. They will be able to tell you if you need just a tune-up, or if there’s something else going on with your vehicle. This can let you know what kind of condition your car may be in and what kind of maintenance you’re looking at for the future. This should be a courtesy service, especially for loyal customers.

Doing a battery and alternator test on your vehicle is also good practice to make sure they are operating at full capacity at all times. These tests can determine what kind of life these parts have left, and if you need them replaced. They can cause your vehicle to stop running and put you in a position if you don’t have them tested regularly.

They Can Do an Inspection

Although you may have your vehicle in the shop for something else, a good mechanic shop will take a look at your power steering, transmission system, and brake system to make sure you have all the fluids you need, and if any parts are wearing down. This inspection is meant to get ahead of any potential issues and do minor repairs before they cause more damage. If any of these stop working while driving, that could be very dangerous for you.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve recently moved to a new area or looking to make a move soon, you need to locate a good auto mechanic that can take care of all your needs. Dealerships are always a backup if you can’t find one, but there are so many good independent shops out there that do great work. Check the reviews on your local shops, and ride by to see what type of vehicles are being serviced. It might be a good idea to do a ride by several times in a week to see if the vehicles are moving, and new ones coming in. That can give you a good idea about how they run their business and if they are a good auto shop.

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