Your Guide to Using Heavy Equipment Chains for Towing

Before you even think about towing anything, your chains must be in great shape. There shouldn’t be rust or weak links. You don’t want any surprises halfway through your towing adventure. At the same time, it’s super-important to know your weight limits. These heavy equipment chains can handle a lot, but there’s always a limit. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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Attach those chains securely to the towing vehicle and whatever you’re towing. Double-check those connections so you know they’re not going anywhere. Once you hook everything up, take it slow and steady. Ease into the tow and keep an eye on things as you go. If you’re towing with another vehicle, ensure you’re both on the same page with hand signals or radios.

Instead of snap binders, use ratchet binders. Snap binders aren’t safe and can break. When you use chains and binders, secure at least half of the weight of your cargo in all directions. If you tie down your cargo to only one point, the binder won’t be as strong. Tie-down vehicles or heavy equipment weighing more than 10,000 pounds. Use four binders, one on each side. The most common setup is a 5/16 grade 70 chain with a 5/16 3/8 binder. This chain can hold up to 4,700 pounds, and the binder can take up to 5,400 pounds.


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